Available Roles

Head Chefs

We are looking for a limited number of qualified and experienced chefs to join the existing Hull Harvest FEASTival team. Our volunteer chefs must have experience of cooking on a large scale plus the skills and experience to be able to improvise and adapt to whatever local produce we have to cook with on the day of the Freedom FEASTival. You will be working with a large volunteer team with varying levels of kitchen experience so patience and good communication skills are a must. A passion for cooking with delicious locally grown produce is also essential!
Volunteer chefs will be asked to:
– Attend an informal interview.
– Attend three chef’s meetings before the event.
– Work together to develop a provisional menu prior to the event based on expected donations.
– Work in shifts between 8am – 10pm at the Freedom FEASTival event during Freedom Festival on Sunday 3rd September 2017.

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Kitchen volunteers

We’re looking for a large team of kitchen hands to work behind the scenes on the day of the Freedom FEASTival, supporting our head chefs with whatever help they need in the kitchen. From chopping veg to keeping the place clean and tidy, you’ll be at the centre of the Freedom FEASTival activity and helping to make sure the food is served on time!

All kitchen volunteers will be given food hygiene training and will be asked to commit to a 5-hour shift on the day of the Freedom FEASTival.
Kitchen volunteers will be asked to:
– Attend our induction session.
– Undertake basic food preparation tasks.
– Take part in pot-washing and cleaning.
– Commit to a five-hour shift between 7am

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Front of House volunteers

As a front of house volunteer, you will be the face of the Freedom FEASTival. In the hours before the meal, you will be communicating information about the event to members of the public. When the food is ready, it will be your job to make sure all of the Freedom FEASTival guests find their seat, serve food and clear the tables. Qualities, such as, good organisational skills, a level head and not being afraid of interacting and having fun with the public would be helpful in this role.

Front of house volunteers will be asked to:
– Attend our induction session.
– Communicate with members of the public and give excellent standards of customer service.
– Serve food and clear tables.
– Commit to a five hour shift between 7am and 10pm on Sunday 3rd September 2017.

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Sow-a-row Champion

Do you already grow food or want to have a go this year? Whether you are a new grower with a small back yard, an allotment holder or a commercial grower, you can help make the Freedom FEASTival happen by sowing a row of veg to donate in the week before the event. Many food growers across Hull and the East Riding have already pledged veg for this event. It’s not too late to start planting now. Check out our website for updates, examples and inspiration of how other growers are getting involved.

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Veg Pledge Champion

We’re looking for help with spreading word of the Freedom FEASTival to growers across Hull and East Yorkshire, encouraging people to pledge their veg! If you’re an allotment enthusiast who wants to encourage fellow plot holders to get involved, or, a passionate foodie who cares about local produce and would like to get involved in growing projects in your area, this is the role for you. A friendly approach and excellent communication skills are also essential to this forward-facing role.
Veg Pledge Champions will:
– Attend a Freedom FEASTival induction session.
– Commit a minimum of two hours per week to the role between July and  August 2017.

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Logistics  / Harvesting

Not afraid to get your hands dirty, as a member of the harvest
team you will be responsible for harvesting crops from growing
sites across Hull and the East Riding, collecting fresh produce
from allotments and sorting donations and event equipment.
Harvest and logistics team members will be asked to:
– Attend our induction session.
– Commit to working at least one day between 30th August
and 2nd September 2017.

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Guerrilla Gardeners

Our clandestine gardeners will take to the city streets a few days prior to the festival and under the cover of darkness, will reimagine pockets of land that are currently unused transforming that into a glorious floral vision. They will also plant new street dressing installations pre Freedom FEASTival, bringing
the city centre to life.

Guerrilla Gardener team members will be asked to:
– Attend our induction session.
– Communicate with members of the public.

Guerrilla Gardening will take place in the week leading up to
Freedom Festival 28th Aug – 1st Sept 2017, 8am – 9pm.

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